Integrated Energy Therapy®

The intent of IET is emotional, mental, and karmic healing, focusing on clearing the trauma without the drama.

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) has been described as one of the “next generation, hands-on, power energy therapy systems that gets the issues out of your tissues for good!” It is a hands-on healing therapy that gently awakens and clears core cellular memory that has been suppressed in the body, mind, and spirit. This practice uses energy channeling and specific pressure points where emotions and beliefs are stored. It releases old energy patterns and opens blockages in one’s energy field that can lead to imbalance and dis-ease in the body.

Our emotions and feelings are stored in the cells of the body much like facts are stored in the cells of the brain. Negative or traumatic experiences, stress, unexpressed emotion, fear, anger, resentment, or self-limiting beliefs can become “stuck” in the body and disrupt the flow of vital life force energy at a cellular level. These blockages limit our experience in life and can result in a depletion of our energy, a feeling of unrest, agitation, or dis-ease.

IET uses a unique Cellular Memory Map® to target specific areas in the body where these “cellular memories” are stored, helping to release them on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As these blocks are cleared, the suppressed “charge” of energy dissipates, and your energy field is re-balanced. IET gives you the opportunity to be free of the story that you tell yourself and others about your life and the world you live in. We maintain old ideas, beliefs, emotions, or feelings that then radiate out and attract situations energetically to us that will prove these old stories are still true today. These new experiences have the same vibration as the old ideas, beliefs, emotions, or feelings, and our story is then strengthened by being verified. We become more committed to the truth of our story, and we vibrate more of the same, attract more of the same, and a cycle of dysfunction continues.

When we share our stories with others, our words convey the intricate patterns and design of our story. We tell our story from the conviction for what our story means to us, and that story carries with it a “charge” of energy. IET can work at the level of cause where the initial trauma was introduced without using words that can trigger the old sensations or emotions. This also alleviates the confrontation that can occur when trying to navigate through a story when using words. By releasing the trauma without the drama, IET supports you in moving away from your story and into your truth.


  • Support one’s self-healing at all levels
  • Remove limitations and increase personal empowerment
  • Provide gentle support to survivors of childhood trauma and PTSD from other significant life traumas
  • Painlessly identify and release suppressed feelings and cellular memories
  • Clear unwanted recurrent or chronic mental, emotional, or behavioral patterns
  • Achieve and maintain balance and integration
  • Enhance well-being, life purpose, creativity, and health
  • Enhance relationships in all areas of life
  • Release blocks that limit fulfillment
  • Elevate the connection to one’s higher consciousness
  • Help clarify one’s personal and spiritual path
  • Reduce the energetic impacts of stress and anxiety

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