As both a practicing Reiki Master and someone who has personally received the many benefits of this Japanese healing art from others, I can tell you that Reiki provides the most powerful, deep state of relaxation that stills your mind, freeing it from cluttered thoughts and allowing your body to heal itself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Besides the immediate effect of Reiki to create a deep state of relaxation, subtle to dramatic changes can continue to unfold as the day goes on and perhaps over the next few days. I enjoy journaling following my own Reiki experience. Taking time to reflect is very important and helps you to connect to what you’ve experienced.

If you have never experienced a Reiki treatment before, you likely have many questions. Let me start by assuring you that Reiki is a safe healing art for all ages. Many practitioners even use Reiki with animals, something I have done with my own pets at home. Reiki uses subtle energy that is channeled through a practitioner to all aspects of the body and mind by way of light hand placements on or above the body to guide the energy. Prescribed hand placements include over the head, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs, and feet. Reiki, though spiritual in nature, is not a religion and does not question one’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Reiki creates deep relaxation, releases stress, supports the immune system, raises the vibration of the body, helps with emotional clearing and spiritual growth, and brings the body into balance and harmony.

Treatment for Reiki is provided on a massage table fully clothed. This makes it a great alternative for someone who is less comfortable with receiving a massage. A simple spot treatment can be done in just a few minutes, or a full Reiki treatment can be done in 30, 60, or 90-minute sessions.

It is important to plan ahead before your session. Take a few minutes to relax and reflect on any emotions, thoughts or physical sensations you may be experiencing. Be sure to eat and hydrate a few hours before to assure you are not distracted by hunger or thirst and that your body’s energy is not directed towards digesting while you are receiving your treatment.

During Reiki, you may experience heat coming from a practitioner’s hands, subtle pulsations of energy where the practitioner’s hands are placed, or cascading waves of pulsations throughout the body. Keep in mind that the experience can be different for everyone. As one continues to receive Reiki, the experience becomes progressively deeper.

After your session, allow yourself time to relax. Take a nap, walk in nature, or meditate. I do not recommend making active plans following a treatment. As with massage, it is very important to hydrate your body after any type of energy work, increasing fluids for the next few hours.

Physical Benefits:

  • Strengthen natural self-healing processes
  • Reduce aches and pains of all types
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Improve sleep
  • Balance life energies

Emotional and Mental Benefits:

  • Promote relaxation of the mind and body
  • Soothe emotional distress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Help unlock suppressed feelings
  • Promote mental clarity
  • Heighten self-awareness and intuition

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